Busy Week at Emory!

Happy Thursday!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a blog post. It’s been VERY busy at Emory these past couple of weeks and I’m starting to feel like I have to attend a major University event every day! I find myself reflecting upon my overall college experience pretty often, since many of these events act as a constant reminder that graduation is rapidly approaching. Many of you can relate to this feeling! Two of these events, 100 Days Until Graduation and Founders Dinner, provided key insights that I think will help many of you navigate the uncertain waters of the college admission process!

Last Friday, the seniors gathered at the Miller Ward Alumni House for the 100 Days Until Graduation celebration. I loved reconnecting with friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and we exchanged some of the memorable stories created throughout our time in college. The event was fantastic (thanks Senior Experience Committee and Emory Alumni Association!) and now that we’re counting down the number of days until grad in double digits, I’m starting  to realize how appreciative I need to be about being at a great school. For all you high school seniors out there, take time to reflect on your time in school. Whether it was a positive experience or not, this time of reflection will help you determine what you liked about your past experiences and what you hope to gain in the future. Feel free to discuss these insights in your applications and use these findings to help you determine the colleges that fit you best.

On Monday, we celebrated the establishment of Emory University at the annual Founders Dinner. Students, faculty, administrators and alums gathered in their finest attire to appreciate the men and women who’ve helped create the University we have today. The keynote speaker, Charles Haynes, gave a phenomenal account of how far Emory has come to establish itself as one of the most diverse and powerful institutions of higher learning in the country, and everyone left with a feeling of pride about Emory. Thanks Mr. Haynes!

Upon leaving the event, I had the privilege to briefly speak with the President of Emory University, James W. Wagner. We talked about our appreciation of the keynote speech, and my friends and I mentioned our nervous excitement for being second semester seniors. He then gave us a piece of advice that I would like to share with you all. Whether you’re a second semester senior stressing over the college admission process, a current student at Emory, or even an alum or faculty member, this advice is applicable to everyone and should help you deal with living in the present and moving on to the next chapter of life.

He described the major transitions of life (such as graduation) as the act of turning the page of a book. You can either turn the page with ease and contentment, or you can slam the page in an effort to move on due to dissatisfaction. President Wagner suggests that you pour everything you have into the current moment, stage, or “page” you live in to make the most of it. Only then will you come to a point where you’re happy to move on to the next chapter of life with happiness.

I know that many of you feel nervous about the uncertainty of the future (myself included.) However, you can’t let the uncertainty come in the way of making the most of the time you have to spend in your current community. Give all that you can in your college applications and you will have made the most of this chapter of your life.

I hope this help and have a great weekend! Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions!



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