My favorite class!

Hey everyone! My name is Lisa Li, and I’m a sophomore at Emory College. I’m going to be joining Thomas on the blog, and hopefully, I can be as entertaining as he is!

I’m actually going to write about my favorite class this semester for my first post (this may be a tough sell after the Dooley’s Week posts, but I really do love this class!). I usually refer this class as my “India class,” but its official name is POLS/ECON 385-00P: Economics, Politics, Innovation & Sustainability of India – hence the abbreviation.

As someone who has been incredibly undecided and flippy-floppy about choosing a major for most of her high school and college career and submitted her major declaration form the day before the deadline (don’t worry, you don’t have to declare a major until sophomore year at Emory, and you can easily change it afterwards, and I actually am quite happy with my major decision of International Studies!), one of my biggest challenges has been finding a way to explore all my academic interests in a relatively short four years. One of the reasons why I love this class is that it’s so interdisciplinary, combining knowledge from political science, economics, anthropology, religion, and more. In fact, it’s actually taught by three different professors, all from different departments, and at least half of the classes consist of guest lectures from other professors, including some from the business school. I love that I learn about India, a country which has always fascinated me, from such diverse perspectives of some of Emory’s most popular and respected professors.

My single favorite class was definitely when Salman Rushdie visited and talked with us about his book, The Moor’s Last Sigh. Salman Rushdie is a University Distinguished Professor at Emory, and he visits campus every year to speak with students. Getting to ask him questions was really enlightening, and the best part? He signed the cover of my Nook! I think I’m the first person to ever ask him to sign an electronic reader – I felt like such a modern marvel!

Other great guest lectures have been from Jeff Rosensweig, Professor of International Business and Finance, about global economic trends relating to emerging economies, from Jagdish Sheth, the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, about his book Chindia Rising, and from Joyce Flueckiger, a professor in the religion department, about the intersection of gender, religion, and health in India.

As this class demonstrates, Emory offers fantastic opportunities for interdisciplinary learning (there’s even an Institute of Liberal Arts, which is basically a department for interdisciplinary studies), and each semester, there are lots of courses cross-listed under multiple departments. For students like me, who have a plethora of random and seemingly unrelated academic interests, this helps me do the whole Hermione Granger time turner thing without the extra workload and such.


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