Emory Vocabulary

I just came across this great “posticle” about making up new words on eScienceCommons, a blog about natural and social science research and activities at Emory. I’m notorious among my friends for my weird fixation on clever wordplay; for example, when I do update my facebook status, it’s usually a haiku (haiku to March Madness: Upsets, I’m upset/literally mad in March/R.I.P. bracket). Of course, I just delight in Jon Stewart and Colbert for their comic word mastery.

Anyways, the post (or posticle, because it’s a short post) is about Professor Mikhail Epstein, who teaches cultural theory and Russian literature. He recently published “PreDictionary: An Exploration of Blank Spaces in Language,” an article that investigates how language evolves. He gives us “happicle,” or the smallest unit of happiness – isn’t that sweet? Like a little happiness popsicle on a hot Atlanta day 🙂

Here’s some Emory linguistic blending off the top of my head:

tomDoolery – noun, all kinds of tomfoolery and fun that happens during Dooley’s Week.

Woodrough night – noun, a late, late night spent at Woodruff Library that is usually the culmination of lots or procrastination

Quaaahhhhhhd – verb (say while yawning), to take a nap in the Quad

Hotlanta – noun, proper, Ok, I obviously did not make this one up. But it is the city where we are. So HA.

SwooperStar – noun, all of our fantastic Emory athletes, who have won 143 UAA team championships and 12 NCAA Division II national championships!

Cliff dwellers – noun, plural. People who ride the Cliff shuttles a lot…A LOT.

Dooley dolla’ dolla’ bills, y’all – phrase. (I know, I know – you are all blown away by my coolness.) This is in reference to the lovely, naïve feeling at the beginning of each semester when your Dooley Dollars account is fresh and seemingly unending.

MEmory – noun, wonderful memories you’ll make at Emory 🙂

Which other ones can you think of?


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