Senior Year of High School

10 Tips for a Successful Senior Year in High School

An indescribable year.  You’re on top.  You’re cool and everyone wants to be like you.

There’s no work or stress; everything is so chill…pshhh yeah right?!

Your daily thoughts include: “Where am I going to school next year?!” “What am I doing with my life?” “AHHH I have so much work” “Omg…college applications are killing me!”

This is where I come in.  As an Admission Fellow, I’m here to help you all with your crazy/stressful/amazing/unforgettable year to come.  As senior year picks up, I hope these tips will help guide you in what may be one of the most life-changing years of your life:

1)     Get your college applications done early and proofread!  Nothing is better than having to not stress your applications 5 minutes before the deadline.  Make sure you get your guidance counselors or friends to read over your essays and check for consistency, originality, and any grammar errors #SpellCheckIsLife

2)     Senior year grades actually matter!  Don’t blow off your schoolwork just because college applications feel more important and overwhelming.  Emory University’s Offices of Admission look closely into your 1st Quarter / 1st Semester grades, since they want to see how you perform in the context of challenging classes. #excellence #workhard #balance #A+

3)     Develop a friendly relationship with your College Counselor.  You want to make sure you are very respectful and nice to your college counselor, since they are writing your Counselor Letter of Recommendation.  Make sure they know you personally, and always be sure to thank them for helping you out! #counselorbros

4)     Do your research about the schools you are applying to.  When you’re applying, be sure to include specifics about what attracts you to that school.  Whether it is a specific program, extracurricular activity, a club, a professor, a research opportunity, write about it!  Admission Counselors at Emory College and Oxford College want to know you have done your research when you write your “Why Emory University?” essay – from Dooley to amazing academic departments, First Friday and research opportunities (at Yerkes, the Carter Center, Emory Hospital and more), the options are endless!

5)     Take your AP/IB exams seriously.  Even though your AP/IB exams are so far away, take them seriously!  AP/IB credits are often accepted in many colleges, and it sucks to not receive credit for a course (that will probably be MUCH harder in college) you took for an entire year just because you didn’t feel like studying for the exam or because you were already accepted in college.  Emory University awards up to 24 credit hours for your success on AP/IB exams!  #collegecredit #gettin’ahead

6)     Have patience and tolerance.  The college admissions process is one of the most unpredictable processes in life – it is a human process.  Be patient and understanding of every decision you receive.  I discovered after my first year in college that my dream schools were not at all the right fits for me, and at Emory I have found my home.  Everything happens for a reason, so just embrace your destiny and it will take care of you. #peace

7)     Don’t be competitive with your friends.  Your friends and you are in the same boat with each other.  Help each other out and realize that you all appear very differently in the “reading” process.  If you get denied and a friend gets in or vice versa, be supportive at all times!  Nothing is more comforting than to have the support of a friend during a tough time. One of my favorite elements of the Emory community is the sense of collaboration and this grounding makes even the most difficult academic challenges a bit more manageable.  #hugitout

8)     Start reading the news.  As you enter college, you will want to be aware of local and national news as it will help you out in the classroom.  Reading the news makes you worldly, keeps you up to date and a participant in the global community. #getglobal

9)     Cherish time at home.  Enjoy the home cooked food, bond with your parents and siblings, and relax in the comfort and space of your home.  Before you know it, you will be off to college, so make sure to appreciate the time.  Appreciate the warmth of your home and live it up! #domesticlove #family

10)Lastly but most importantly….Enjoy your Senior Year!!  This is your last year of High School.  Make lasting memories!  Enjoy your time with your faculty and friends. Relish being the oldest in high school and have an unforgettable year.

I hope these tips help you to a successful and memorable senior year.

Keep calm and Senior On!




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