It’s the Little Things…

One of the things I love about Emory is that it contributes the “little something extra” to each day that you never even knew you were missing!  There’s just something special about hearing the twinkly chime of the clock tower each time I walk over Cox bridge and getting to pet a furry animal at Wonderful Wednesday amidst the stress of midterms.  However, my favorite “something extra” at Emory is the weekly Emory Farmers Market.

Each Tuesday, local farmers and chefs line Cox bridge with the most delicious fresh cheeses, warm pastries, breads, veggies, and artisanal products.  In addition to all of the fabulous edible temptations, the locals are incredibly engaging and interested in educating students about the local foods movement.  A few semesters ago, I researched the Farmers Market’s local-foods-oriented community and visited a nearby farm with a few friends to get an insider’s perspective on the industry.  You will find that most of the vendors love to bring you into the fold when it comes to eating fresh, home grown goods.

A few personal favorites:

  • Bella’s Best: This stand serves up the best organic baked goods I’ve ever eaten.  In addition to trademark classics like jumbo chocolate chip cookies, they churn out some unconventional, but delicious pastries (think raspberries, apricots, and lots of nutty goodness).  Don’t be afraid to try something out of the box here – it will pay off! (
  • The Little Tart: In addition to having the cutest name ever, this bake shop is reliably awesome.  Whether you’re in the mood for the perfect mini quiche or a decadent chocolate caramel tart, you’ll find that savory or sweet pick-me-up right here. (
  • King of Pops: Who doesn’t love seeing that bright umbrella stand on a hot day?  Whether it’s banana pudding, chocolate sea salt, or strawberry lemonade pops, these can’t be beat! (

The bottom line is that exploring some of Emory’s more unique offerings like the Farmers Market is truly rewarding, whether that reward is the satisfaction of attending a university that supports local growers or a more tangible tasty afternoon treat.

Happy eating and have a fabulous week!


For more information about vendors, please follow this link:


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