Wizards at Emory

Emory’s College Council brought magician Alex Stone to campus last night, who gave an hour long presentation of… his awesomeness.  I was floored during the entire event.  Not only is Stone an absolute genius and incredible magician, but his story is fascinating.  He went to Columbia University but dropped out to practice magic (already so cool).  After his failed first attempt at the World Championships of Magic (Magician Olympics as he calls it), he got addicted to heroin, but then after getting help, he recovered and starting working on his magic again.  Only a few years later, he has written a book called Fooling Houdini (published by Harper Collins), about the practice of magic and the secrets behind it.  He gives insight into “the lesser-known corners of psychology, neuroscience, physics, history, and even crime, all through the lens of trickery and illusion” (Alex Stone).  His tricks were wild – literally everyone was stumped, even after he explained them to us.  All of the tricks were done using the intelligence of his brain with technical and mathematical logarithms.  The entire night was amazing, and I am so happy College Council put on such a unique and inspiring event.

– Elizabeth


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