200 Days ‘Til Graduation

Being a senior is weird, for lack of a better word.  I have so many mixed emotions about this year.  For starters, I am so sad about leaving Emory – the place I have called home for the past three years.  On the other hand, I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and enter “the real world.”  Finding a job, though, is a daunting task, so it is stressful searching for one (although I have faith that my fantastic Emory education will help me with this process).  And although I have lots of work to do, I want to experience all that Emory has to offer in my last year, so I keep having internal battles about whether I should hang out with my friends or study in the library.  It is a time of change, and although I feel that Emory has prepared me for the next step in my life, it is still scary (albeit thrilling) not knowing where I will be next year.  Emory though, of course, has an answer to everything.  The Senior Experience Committee, a subgroup within the amazing Emory Alumni Association, plans fun events for seniors to enjoy during their last year here.  First off?  Tomorrow night’s famed 200 Days ‘Til Graduation!!!!  I am honestly PUMPED for this event.  This year’s party is Oktoberfest themed, which means lots of German beer, pretzels, games, shirts, prizes, and tons of other lovely handouts that makes the countdown of leaving this incredible school bearable.

– Elizabeth


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