Eli Young Band at Emory

Hey everyone!

The following blog post was written by guest bloggers, Chloe Saeks C’13 and Chris Akavi C’13, who planned Emory’s Fall Band Party this year and brought the Eli Young Band to campus (see them above with the band!).  They are members of Emory’s Student Programming Council and put on an amazing event.  This is just one of the many clubs in which you can get involved on campus!  Read below about their experience working with talent agencies and all of the hard work that goes into being a member of SPC.

Monday, October 29th Eli Young Band performed at Emory for the Fall Band Party Concert. It was a tremendous success! Like we hope for every event, everything went smoothly and Eli Young Band and opener, Nashville natives Mockingbird Sun, were amazing to work with. I’m not sure if it is the country genre in general, or just working with Eli Young Band, but it was incredible working with such dedicated, reliable and gracious people. Their agency, Paradigm in Nashville, was so easy to work with, something not always available when working with talent agencies. Since June, I worked with Paradigm as we (Chris and I) were exploring all of our options and desires for our Fall Band Party concert. After narrowing down our list, we decided to put all of our effort in bringing country to Emory for the first time. Although we knew it was a risk, the response to our publicity and attendance at the event made us know it was a success! I can now leave Emory knowing the one thing I wanted to bring to this school was accomplished, and with a big name too! Eli Young Band has just finished on one of the biggest tours in country music, with Rascal Flatts. Additionally, November 1st EYB will be in Nashville where they are nominated as well as performing at one of the biggest nights in country music, the Country Music Awards (CMAs). Overall, the event was everything we wished and hoped for and we are already excited and working for our Spring Band Party concert next semester!

Photos thanks to David Feldman Photography.  For more event photos, follow this link!


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