Orientation Memories

Excited to start college already?  Read Jeff’s memories below about his freshmen orientation experience when getting ready to send in your applications! And enjoy the photo of some of our charismatic and energetic Orientation Leaders!

If I were to ask you what you’re looking forward to the most at college, what would you say? It’s almost certain that your conscious mind would immediately think “the partying and drinking of course!” However, I can safely tell you that your subconscious is saying something different: it’s actually the amazing peers that you will get to meet – and it all starts with freshmen orientation. While the thought of orientation could be intimidating – after all you are far from home with no friends and stuck with a thousand strangers – you must remember that this is one of the best chances to meet some of the best friends you’ll ever have. While every college has some sort of freshmen orientation, Emory’s program has a sense of unity and intimacy that allows freshmen to easily interact with each other and be friends right off the bat. I’m a rising junior in the college and I still remember meeting some of my closest friends during orientation like it was yesterday. While there are the unavoidable ice-breakers everyone has to go through, Emory’s Orientation Leaders work hard to ensure the initial awkwardness melts away and is replaced by talk and laughter. I’ll be honest, I was very very anxious during my first day of freshmen orientation. I kept on fixing my hair to make sure it looked good and tried my best not to look nervous. However, all that worrying vanished the second I saw my orientation leader, whom I had taken for a serious person, doing the swoop dance along with the other leaders as a welcome to the incoming freshmen. I doubled over laughing and I wasn’t the only one. A guy from my group, Daniel, decided to imitate the dance and did a funny dance on his own; and just like that, the ice was broken. All 50 or so groups of new freshmen soon started mingling and within minutes, friendships were made and I can safely say that many of those still exist 2 years later.


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