Exito Emory

This past Saturday, November 10, the Office of Admission hosted Exito, a program designed to inform Hispanic students about the college application process and equip them with knowledge to succeed in the college search.  The students got a chance to hear from past and current students, parents, and admissions counselors. They had lunch in the DUC, participated in a mock application reading, and toured the campus. It was extremely rewarding being a part of the program, from making the copies of the mock applications to telling them about their potential freshman residence hall. Waking up at 5:30 AM to be on campus at 6:30 AM was not the most rewarding part of the day, but the students were so open and excited to be on campus, which made the tour guide in me come out and get super excited because they envisioned themselves at Emory just as I did so many years ago (it’s only been two but it feels like an eternity ago!). My trusty sidekick Morgan Holmes, and our “boss for the event” Will Segura, enjoyed watching the available spaces fill up online as more and more students and parents registered for Exito.  We have been planning Exito for months now, and it seems like it the months were just days ago. All in a day’s work I suppose J

– Shaunesse’


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