Emory Dance Company

Hi guys!
My name is Olivia and I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite parts of Emory—Emory Dance Company. I never thought I would be able to keep dancing in college.  Dance was the activity that consumed my evenings and weekends during high school, but I always knew that once I graduated it would probably be the end. However, when I got to Emory and heard about the opportunity to audition for the dance company, I realized that I would possibly be able to dance after all. So I auditioned, and have been part of the company ever since.
I tell everyone that the easiest way to make the most out of your college experience is to find your niche, or the one thing you want to be involved in over the course of the four years. I found my niche in Emory Dance, which is just one of the many different arts departments at Emory.
The best part of the Arts at Emory is that you can be involved without being a major or minor!  In order to be in the company, any student must audition at the start of every semester and also be enrolled in a dance technique class for one credit hour.
This week, we had our Fall Emory Dance Company show, Vault. We put on four shows, Thursday through Saturday. Undergraduate Emory students danced the show with choreography by Gregory Catellier, George Staib, Lori Teague, and featured Candler artist Monica Bill Barnes. Every show was sold out which made for a full and energetic audience to perform for each night. Below you can find some pictures from the show, taken by a Dance Faculty member, Lori Teague.
To learn more about the Arts at Emory visit:http://arts.emory.edu/

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