Fellow Blog: Questbridge

Hello! My name is Logan Miller. I am a Fellow in the Office of Undergraduate Admission and a current Questbridge Scholar at Emory University. I wanted to write today to shed some light on my experience as a Questbridge Scholar and student at Emory.

Questbridge is a program that matches high-achieving students from diverse backgrounds to many of the nation’s finest Universities. More information about Questbridge can be found here. Being a Questbridge Scholar is an enormous achievement for anyone. For me, it has meant dedication to overcoming obstacles, pursuing dreams, and building a shining legacy. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri never thinking I would be able to afford college but having aspirations far beyond where I was. Through dedication to my schoolwork and my musical endeavors, I was able to get an incredible opportunity – to study at Emory and pursue music in an amazing city like Atlanta. Here is one of my most recent recordings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBI1rRhcSXA.

Commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and engagement in society are cornerstones of the Emory experience, and traits that I have tried to let mark me throughout my time here. I have found my own unique voice within the student body, and have found ways to let it be heard. I’ve learned that people can benefit from my story and voice. In the same way, the rest of my peers at Emory have had a huge impact on me through their own unique stories. What makes Emory so special is the vast diversity that helps strengthen us all. I truly believe that we all make each other better and we should let our voices shine.

Upon enrolling at Emory, I quickly moved to make the most of my time here. There are too many opportunities to name (over 300 to choose from), so I had to find what made sense for me. Emory is committed to helping the success of its students, but it is ultimately up to us to make the most of our time. I got involved with the Emory Quest Scholars to stay connected to my fellow scholars on campus. They hold a great induction ceremony for all new scholars, match and non-match, at the beginning of each school year. Beyond Questbridge, I also got involved with the intramural program and had a great time with guys from residence hall competing against other teams in soccer, football, basketball, etc,. In high school, I was heavily invested in the music program at my school. I made the Missouri All-State Jazz Band my senior year and won a seat in the St. Louis District for 3 years. Upon coming to Emory, I auditioned and made the Emory Jazz Band, in which I still perform. I would encourage everyone to get involved in the arts at Emory. There are numerous opportunities to create and perform, and our whole community benefits from the presence of strong artists on campus.

I have been incredibly blessed and am thankful for that everyday. However, my joy comes from seeing each new class of Questbridge Scholars come in and work hard for a bright future. As a Fellow, I get the privilege of reaching out to all of Emory’s new Questbridge Scholars and welcoming them. This year, I had the honor of congratulating our 8 new matched Scholars on their acceptance to Emory. I am very excited to see how this new class of Scholars impacts the Emory community. Tomorrow’s leaders are among us all right now, and I’m excited to witness it all. I look forward to meeting next year’s class of match and non-match Questbridge Scholars in person come August. I hope you have a wonderful end to your senior year.


Logan Miller

Emory Class of 2015


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