Why Emory? Tori’s Response

This month we will be starting a new segment called “Why Emory?”
where we ask Emory students why they chose to attend this college.  Our first response is by Fellow Tori.

Read below to find out why Fellow Tori chose Emory!

When I began my college search, there were a number of factors that influenced where I wanted to apply. Being from California, I could not do cold weather and immediately ruled out schools in the Northeast. I wanted a major metropolis that had plenty going, job and internship opportunities, as well as a direct flight home to Los Angeles. I wanted a mid-sized school where I wouldn’t know absolutely everyone yet I wouldn’t just be a number in a crowd. Most importantly, I wanted a school where I would feel comfortable discovering my passions, talents, and strengths. When I came to college, I didn’t yet know what I wanted to do with my life and this had a huge impact on my decision to apply to other universities where I had to apply and commit to specific schools within them. How is anyone supposed to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives at 17? When I first arrived, I enrolled in classes ranging from Politics in the Middle East to the Sociology of Happiness. I wasn’t afraid to take classes beyond my comfort zone, because I had the support of not only an Academic Advisor but also multiple trained peer mentors who helped me through the entire process until I finally declared my major. With its size, location, and liberal arts education, Emory offers everything I could ever want in a school.


One thought on “Why Emory? Tori’s Response

  1. I’m really interested to see how this “Why Emory” segment will go. I personally feel that to hear the voices of the Emory community and why they chose to attend Emory will help me as a prospective student put the college into more practical perspective.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog in general and have found many of your post to be both resourceful and insightful. I hope that in the following Fall (Fall 2014), I will be able to say that I, too, am an Emory Eagle.

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