Why Emory? Josh’s Response


Read below for Fellow Josh’s response on why he chose Emory!

I’ll never forget the very first packet I got from Emory because I will never be able to think of a better way to describe the culture here. It was called “8 Reasons Why Emory” and number 1 was because about 85% of our students do community service during their time here, something very important to me. Number 2 was the amazing sense of community and feeling of family that you have to experience for yourself as a student and way down at number 8 was something phrased along the lines of, “Oh Yeah, and We’re a Top 20 School.” This was the type of place I was looking for, somewhere where I would be guaranteed an excellent education, but somewhere where a good education in the classroom was only the start. I was looking for, and have found, a place where I have learned and grown in more ways than I could possibly imagined when I applied here. I love this school and am very much looking forward to my last year and a half.


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