Why Emory? Olivia’s Response


Why did Fellow Olivia choose Emory?  Read below to find out!

There are so many specific characteristics of Emory that combine to create the perfect college environment and experience for me.  As a transfer student, I found the close-knit liberal arts college experience I wanted with all the resources of a large university. I found a small film studies department that has cultivated my skills and encouraged my goals specific to my needs as a student.  The connections and contacts my professors have helped me make here are truly the most priceless part of my education. At Emory, I can dance without being a dance major and find new ways to push myself outside of the classroom. I love Emory’s beautiful and classical campus located within a residential neighborhood outside of Atlanta—a city with such a unique culture and huge array of experiences to explore.  I thought I knew why Emory was the right place for me before I came, but what I found over my time here was an array of opportunities that showed me even more why Emory is great for me and how I can be great for Emory.


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