Dinner with 12 Strangers


Tonight, Shaunesse (another Fellow) and I are attending “Dinner with 12 Strangers,” a fun program run by the Emory Alumni Association where students can sign up to attend a dinner, hosted by a faculty member, with people they don’t know.  Shaunesse and I just happened to sign up for the same one with Dr. Susan Henry Crowe, Dean of the Chapel and Religious Life Emory University, but the other ten people are “strangers” (i.e. people we do not know on campus), so it is a wonderful way to bring people together, create new bonds, and talk with professors about campus issues.  I am so excited and will update you on the dinner after the event!

The official description for the event, thanks to the Emory Alumni Association webpage: The phrase “Dinner with 12 Strangers” may sound intimidating and unusual, but the program aims to build and strengthen the Emory community. D12 connects current Emory students with Emory alumni and faculty and adds a personal touch to their Emory experience. Apart from good food and conversation, the program offers students the opportunity to network with Emory alumni, find out about life after college, and interact with professors and staff outside the classroom. It also provides a chance for students to get a feel for the extended Emory family, and to see how they can stay involved with and connected to Emory after they graduate. For students, it’s as easy as signing up and attending.


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