Why Emory? Alexi’s Response


Emory offers so many different opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff, as you can tell from the “Why Emory?” responses below!  Everyone chooses this school for different reasons.  Interested in why Fellow Alexi chose Emory?  Read her response below!

Emory has empowered me to embrace new academic interests within a community of supportive and passionate peers.  I am currently a Sociology and Anthropology double major, two disciplines that I did not even know existed before I came to Emory, yet that I absolutely adore now.  My Sociology advisor, Dr. Tracy Scott, takes the time to facilitate course discussions about topics that excite students, from dialogue about exchange rituals at Mardi Gras to conversations about Barbie dolls as cultural objects.  I appreciate how much Dr. Scott invests in me, not only as a student, but as a person.  She independently hosts career information nights and course reunions, and makes herself available outside of office hours to offer her perspective on anything from my career considerations to my post-graduate travel plans.  Outside of my major, my liberal arts education at Emory has given me access to a wealth of different disciplines from Linguistics to Women’s Studies.  The active investment of faculty in providing abundant opportunities for students to explore new modes of thought and the vibrant academic engagement of the student community make Emory the perfect place to pursue an undergraduate degree.


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