Why Emory? Jeff’s Response


Why did Jeff choose Emory?  Read below to find out!

“Hey you should check us out, we’re part of college council and you should totally sign up and apply for a position!”
“Sorry man I don’t actually go here. I’m just visiting Emory.”
“Don’t worry about it, how about this, put your email down here and I’ll follow up with you.”
And you know what? He did. Three years later, I don’t even remember his name anymore. I was a high school senior visiting colleges I was accepted into and this one Emory student in College Council who should have no interest in a visitor sent me an email telling me about his own experience with Emory and that if I had any questions, I should feel free to email him. At the risk of sounding cliché, the people really do make the place. And when I got here to Emory, I don’t regret it at all. The people here are just as welcoming and generous as that college council student. As an admissions fellow, I love doing what I do because like that student, I just want to let others know how amazing we have it here.


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