Why Emory? Shaunesse’ Response


Why did Shaunesse’ choose Emory?  Read below to find out!

Why Emory?: Initially I chose Emory because I fell in love with the “southern hospitality” that everyone showed me when I visited, along with the dozens of stimulating conversations I overheard as my family and I walked around campus. From the time I arrived at Emory for freshman orientation to my present moments as a junior, I have also come to love Emory for the amazing people that fill this campus. From my professors to my roommate, each of these people has participated in my growth as a person, and each has helped me add to the community and spirit of Emory. Everyone is so warm and friendly, which creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere on campus for anyone who visits. I have also made some of the best friendships of my life with people that I never knew I would have the opportunity to become friends with. I will carry the relationships and community I have built here at Emory with me for the rest of my life because each of these people have become a part of my family, and together we have added to the beautiful family, stimulating conversations, and “southern hospitality” that Emory has fostered since 1836.


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