Why Emory? Lisa’s Response

Interested to learn why Lisa chose Emory?  Read below to find out!


I don’t consider Emory as my “second home” – that seems to imply that Emory is, well, in second place. Emory has become just as home to me as the neighborhood I grew up in (though I definitely do a lot more studying at this home!). I love the small, daily comforts of my life here, like my favorite corner spot at the Emory Starbucks, a walk through the Quad in the spring, and the Cox Bridge Farmer’s Market. There are also so many amazing people at Emory – I’m constantly impressed by my friends, peers, and professors. People are ambitious, but so friendly, and they challenge you (especially professors!), but also support you. I’m not set on any strict post-graduation plan, but my academic experiences at Emory have given me direction by helping me identify and develop my intellectual capacities and thinking skills. I feel like I have a strong grasp of the type of careers I’d like to pursue, and I know that come graduation, I’ll have a lot of resources to assist me. And as much as I’ll miss my Emory home, I’m excited for new opportunities, too.


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