Why Emory? Logan’s Response

Want to know why Logan chose Emory?  Read below to find out!


Coming to Emory was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I have grown so much from being in community with people from all across the country and world. I think the ability to understand and appreciate different perspectives is an invaluable tool. Emory has truly taught me this skill and has shown me the possibilities and benefits from engaging with and learning from these different perspectives. I am a music and history double major in the college. The faculty in the music department is incredible. They are all leaders in their fields, whether that be traditional Chinese music, jazz, classical, choral, etc,. My favorite Professor in the Music Department is Dr. Dwight Andrews. He is a leading scholar on music theory and his class on the History of Jazz really changed the way I view American History and the music that came out of it. I feel that my double major in the College is really preparing me for law school and the field of entertainment law, where my professional passions lie. In terms of Atlanta, my favorite area is the East Atlanta Village. It has a ton of locally owned shops for clothes, books, and music. Also, I think everyone on the earth needs to experience Antico Pizza at the corner of 14th St. and Hemphill Ave. You will be forever changed.

Listen to Logan’s music here!


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