Why Emory? Mukundha’s Response

Read below to find out why Mukundha chose Emory!


There are some decisions in life that I made because I knew they felt right at the time. Attending Emory University was one of those decisions that I felt absolutely no regrets about. Emory represents to me everything I want out of life: a wholesome community, diversity, professional development, active engagement, a respectful environment, and the freedom of creativity. Emory’s commitment to cultural expression and an enhanced student life shines through all of these facets. At Emory, I truly feel like my voice matters, and I love having the ability to make my own individual mark on the school.  Students run everything from volunteer trips, programming ideas, handling large budgets, to even changing administration policies. Furthermore at Emory, the campus truly feels like a new home. There are an infinite amount of spots to study, relax, reflect, and have fun. I especially love hanging out on Asbury Circle, the heart of campus. Besides student involvement and the campus, I enjoy the intimate classroom feel in all of my classes. While I expected college in general to be professor dominated, I was surprised to learn that professors actually cared about my opinions and prefer more student discussion. One of my favorite professors, Dr. Matthew Bernstein, dedicates an entire class in the week just to discussion with the class, and even though my class has over 40 students, somehow, every student has the ability to share his or her opinions. Even within career development, my career advisors and academic advisors have challenged and motivated me to design my own career path. With all of the advice I have received, I hope to enter marketing and distribution in a film production studio after I graduate Emory. Beyond academics, Emory’s proximity to downtown is truly a unique experience. The minimal distance from city gives me the perfect combination of a big city feel and a small town community. Emory has prepared me in every way for life by teaching me how to appreciate people from every background, letting me taking initiative, and giving me the opportunity to cherish and appreciate my community. I would not have chosen any other school.


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