Why Emory? Elizabeth’s Response

Why did Fellow Elizabeth choose Emory?  Read below to find out!


I originally chose Emory for its esteemed Anthropology Department and its ties with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, but now when reflecting on my Emory experience, I realize that prospective students should choose Emory for another reason: opportunity.  Emory truly has endless opportunities.  There is opportunity to travel and explore the southeastern coast (such as driving only a few hours to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or to Savannah, GA to learn about its history and architecture); to get involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus (from Indian dance teams, hip hop dance teams, a cappella groups, and student government, to university publications, sports teams, and Greek life, just to name a few…); to meet people from all over the world (my friends are from Thailand, India, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ecuador, etc.); to attend unique events and to be a part of a rich historical culture and spirit on campus (such as the famous events of Wonderful Wednesday, Dooley’s Week, Diwali, and First Fridays); to take classes in a variety of rare and interesting topics from the Sociology of Happiness to Economics; to be involved in research that includes finding cures to cancer and creating initiatives to end food insecurity in Ethiopia; and to be able to study with world-renowned professors that are Nobel laureates and former presidents.  The options and opportunities here at Emory are literally limitless.  There are so many ways in which to get involved on campus that open your eyes about yourself and the world.  You are able to change your life, as well as the lives of others.  I believe that I have become a better person and world citizen because of this college.  So why Emory? Because you can discover you.


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